is the portal to connect to Air Canada Airline Wi-Fi. Learn about Air Canada Airline Inflight Wi-Fi and its pricing to stay connected in the air.



How To Connect To Air Canada Airlines Wi-Fi?

  1. Turn on Airplane Mode and connect to the “ACWiFi” or “RougeWifi” Wi-Fi network.
  2. Open a browser and type or in the address bar.
  3. Select a plan and you will be connected to Air Canada Airline Wi-Fi.

Subscription and Pass

Air Canada offers different options for the usage of Wi-Fi on their aircraft and flights.

  1. One Hour Pass
  • $6.50CAD: Available for one hour in your time during the flight.
  1. One Way Pass
  • $21.00CAD: Available for a one-way trip.
  1. Monthly Access
  • $69.95CAD: Available for one month on all flights in which internet coverage is provided.

Please note that Wi-Fi Onboard is equipped on flights between airports in Canada, US, and Mexico for monthly access.

Payment of Wi-Fi

  • Payment for Wi-Fi Services can only be made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards.

Wi-Fi coverage

Air Canada Wi-Fi coverage is provided by Intelsat Inflight LLC or its regional affiliate.

Air Canada Airlines Wi-Fi Service is available on all aircraft of Boeing 777-300ER (77W), Boeing 777-200LR (77L), Airbus A330-300 (333), Boeing 787-9 (789), and Boeing 787-8 (788). However, for further acknowledgment of whether Wi-Fi is available on your flight or not, you can visit the Air Canada web page and refer to “Find out if Wi-Fi is available on your next flight”.

Customer Service Support

For further support and more details on Wi-Fi Services, you can contact Air Canada Airline Customer Service Support.

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*Restrictions may apply. Offers are subject to change. Please refer to the Air Canada Airline website for the Terms of User and Privacy Policy.

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