Wifi.qantas.com is the portal to connect to Qantas Airways Wi-Fi. Learn about Qantas Airways Inflight Wi-Fi and its pricing to stay connected in the air.

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How To Connect To Qantas Wi-Fi?

  1. Turn on Airplane Mode and connect to the “Qantas Free Wi-Fi” Wi-Fi network.
  2. Open a browser and type wifi.qantas.com in the address bar.
  3. Select a plan and you will be connected to Qantas Wi-Fi.


Qantas does not currently charge a fee for using Inflight Wi-Fi. Qantas has teamed with Foxtel, Stan, Netflix, and Spotify to enable consumers to enjoy the content for free while in flight. Whether you are traveling in first class, business class, or economy, the free service is available for everyone.

How Can I Tell if there is Inflight Wi-Fi on My Flight?

  • Find a Wi-Fi signal that is blocked when you book your tickets. You have Wi-Fi on your aircraft if you notice a dark, blocked Wi-Fi signal. In contrast, greyed Wi-Fi signals do indicate that there is no inflight Wi-Fi service on your flight.
  • At the departure board, you can also see if your aircraft has in-flight Wi-Fi. On your airplane, look for a Wi-Fi signal.
  • Another way you can determine whether your flight has Wi-Fi is when you are sitting. Look for the flyer that contains details on your flights in the pocket of your front seat. Look for anything concerning Wi-Fi there.


Qantas currently offers in-flight Wi-Fi on a few domestic routes that B737-800 and A330-200 fly. The airline has offered Wi-Fi service on their flights with ViaSat, which offers free Wi-Fi to all users.

However, these Qantas flights are currently not equipped with Wi-Fi:

  • Boeing 717 (QantasLink)
  • Embraer E190
  • Airbus A330 (international)
  • Airbus A380
  • Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Qantas offer Wi-Fi on international flights?

No, the wi-fi facility is not available for international routes. Currently, only domestic Qantas flights offer access to inflight Wi-Fi for passengers.

How exactly does Qantas Wi-Fi operate?

Qantas has teamed with international broadband services company ViaSat to supply inflight Wi-Fi. They will be using the NBN Sky Muster satellite service.

Can I use Qantas Wi-Fi without the Qantas App?

Yes, You can access the Qantas Wi-Fi without the Qantas App. From a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even wristwatch, you may connect directly to the Qantas Wi-Fi network like you would connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Can I use the Qantas wi-fi network to send voice messages?

While connected to the Qantas wi-fi network, you can chat and send texts. You cannot, however, send voice or video messages via the Qantas Wi-Fi network. Therefore, using Skype or other platforms to FaceTime is not possible.

Which Gadgets are Compatible with Qantas in-flight Wi-Fi?

Any device having a browser and a Wi-Fi connection can access the service. Tablets, cellphones, and laptops are included in this. Remember that you can only use your laptop when the seatbelt sign has been turned off.

Restrictions may apply. Offers are subject to change. Please refer to the Emirates website for the Terms of User and Privacy Policy.

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