ANA Wi-Fi is the portal to connect to ANA Wi-Fi. Learn more about All Nippon Airways Inflight Wi-Fi and its pricing to stay connected in the air.


How To Connect To ANA Wi-Fi?

  1. Turn on Airplane Mode and connect to the “ANA-WiFi-Service” Wi-Fi network.
  2. Open a browser and type in the address bar.
  3. Select a plan, and you will be connected to the ANA Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Plans

B777-300ER/B767-300ER Aircraft

Plan NameFees (USD)Data Allowance
30 minute Plan$4.9515MB Limit
1 hour Plan$8.9530MB Limit
Full-Flight Plan$19.95100MB Limit

Fee plans for certain B777-300ER will be gradually changed to those below. For an updated pricing details, please connect to the Wi-Fi and check the portal page.

Plan NameFees (USD)Data Allowance
30 minute Plan$6.95no limit
3 hour Plan$14.40no limit
Full-Flight Plan$18.80no limit


Plan NameFees (USD)
30 minute Plan$6.95
3 hour Plan$16.95
Full-Flight Plan (max. 24 hours)$21.95

Note: ANA Wi-Fi Service may be unavailable on some aircraft. The operational status is subject to change without prior advance notice.

To check for Wi-Fi availability, look for the Wi-Fi icon on the Seat Availability or Reservation Details screen.

First Class passengers can enjoy complimentary ANA Wi-Fi Service. A free Wi-Fi card will be distributed by cabin attendants on board. The card will be valid on the specific flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions while using ANA’s WiFi?

The onboard Wi-FI internet is provided via satellite communication. Therefore, the communication speed and the capability are limited. Internet video streaming is not supported.

What should I be cautious of while using ANA’s WiFi?

The connection can be affected by weather or flight path. It’s advised to turn off automatic updates for background-running programs.

How do I pay for the ANA Wi-Fi Service?

Only credit card payments are accepted, including VISA, MASTERCARD, Discover, AMEX, JCB, and DINERS.

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