T-Mobile In-Flight Wi-Fi

T-Mobile Magenta plans allow you to stay connected on board with free in-flight Wi-Fi and streaming. Learn about T-Mobile In-Flight Wi-Fi and its pricing.

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How To Connect To T-Mobile In-Flight Wi-Fi?

  1. Check your account to verify you are on an eligible plan.
  2. Turn on Airplane Mode and connect to the Inflight Wi-Fi network.
  3. Once connected, open a web browser and you will be redirected to a landing page.
    • If you are not automatically redirected, type wifionboard.com in the address bar.
  4. Look for the T-Mobile option, enter your phone number to verify the eligibility, and start browsing the internet.

Participating Airlines

On select flights to, from, and within the United States.

Plans and Pricing

Plus and Delta SkyMiles® Members get free Wi-Fi on Delta and select Delta long-haul flights within the United States – even if you are not a T-Mobile customer.

If you are on a Sprint plan, you are eligible for In-Flight Connection where available.

Magenta® MAX – 170$/month

With a 5G plan, you’ll receive all Magenta perks as well as limitless premium data that won’t slow you down based on how much of it you use.

Magenta® – 140$/month

Get all the advantages of their unlimited phone plan, plus even more awesome things like extra entertainment and vacation incentives.

Essentials 4 Line Offer – 100$/month

For a limited time, get 4 lines and save even more (up to 6). All of the perks of the Essentials package, including a 5G connection, are unlimited.

Essentials – 105$/month

Get an unlimited phone package that includes all the features you require, including access to 5G.

Plans Benefits

  • Unlimited chat, text, and data: Talk as much as you like, share files, and stream content.
  • Fees and taxes included: You get what you pay for when you buy something. Your monthly bill won’t include any extra costs.
  • Nationwide 5G: Use the largest 5G network in America to get more 5G bars in more locations.
  • Team of Experts: No obstacles. Just committed customer service that offers genuine assistance.

Travel Perks

Their travel perks have just been improved. With Magenta plans, you can get full-flight Wi-Fi, 5GB of high-speed data in a few places, and AAA for a full year on them.

  • You arrive and your phone is functional.
  • With Wi-Fi and unlimited messaging when available, you can continue streaming and talking.
  • You may relax knowing that you will receive free roadside assistance for a year.
  • Get travel discounts of up to 40%. With T-Mobile TRAVEL, you may get huge savings on hotels and vehicle rentals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is In-Flight Connection?

Even at 30,000 feet, they are keeping you linked outside of their signal. All in-flight connectivity, including full-flight Wi-Fi and streaming options when available, is now free for eligible customers. Where available, you can also message throughout the flight in addition to Wi-Fi and streaming.

What streaming services am I allowed to use while flying?

You can utilize any streaming service to which you have a subscription while flying, including MLB.tv, Paramount+, Apple TV+, and Netflix, if you are a qualified T-Mobile user.

What texting plans are offered with free messaging?

Text messages (SMS) and data messages sent over Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and iMessage are all free with In-Flight Connectivity. Twitter can also be accessed via SMS when messaging while flying.

How can I access Wi-Fi and In-Flight Connection streaming? How do I sign up?

To use In-Flight Connection, there is no registration necessary. Ensure that your phone is Wi-Fi enabled, that you are on an eligible rate plan and that you have used Wi-Fi Calling on your current device and SIM card for at least one call.

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